Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Movement's Poster Boy

You've seen him the news..
And BTW, I'm for the Movement, however vague and undefined it still is, but this kid is a dick.
He wanted to be the poster child for the movement, and now he is.
He threw batteries at the cops and grabbed a cops hat, and THAT is asking for trouble.
So they took him down... POOR LITTLE BABY....
BUT...BUT...BUT... If this was a confrontation that the cops started, or if they used unecessary force...
I say bring everything to the table that they do..
MACE, clubs, body armor, beanbag ammo, horses, and any weapons they have. Fair is fair..
The pot is starting to boil (it's been on "low" since the 60s),
and I'd just as soon get this party started!!! "

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