Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you cigarette smokers, lawmakers, voters and idiots

Thank you lawmakers (I'm looking for a descriptive term that means "weak, limp-dicked, picked-upon-as-a-child, half-wit that has found a way to force his or her will on all the people he or she previously feared or was jealous of in high school"; so help me out here if you'd like; "Lawmakers" sounds too legitimate) Anyway; thank you lawmakers and voters with no foresight, for making it so smokers have to go outside, huddle in groups that block sidewalks, doorways and other public areas and trash up everything with their cigarette butts, sputum containing snot, blood, black shit and pieces of lung. They also throw styrofoam coffee cups, Mountain Dew bottles and candy wrappers left from the lunch they didn't eat so they'd have time to go out and smoke. You knew they were inconsiderate slobs before you pushed them out of contained areas to where the rest of us have to deal with their litter. So again, thanks alot.

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