Sunday, June 22, 2008

When Harleys were Harleys

Oh yeah,
Here it comes.
The sound of thunder.

If they turn my head, it's only
Because I used to ride a Harley.

There they are,
Aloof, and looking cool
In designer leather and sunglasses.
What do they think of themselves?
I read an article about the growing trend of
" The New Women Bikers"
Oh yeah, she's on a Harley
No trick there...

Remember the day?
Motorcycles sometimes failed.
Headlights illuminated the roadside fix
With wire, a wrench, bloody knuckles and beer.
Push it 3 miles to a gas station or phone booth or

The back of a buddy's pick up truck

But bikes don't break now,
And boys and girls all have cell phones .
Our Motorcycle has been tamed.
Are they all electric start??
Where's the chain?
This crew makes me laugh!!

The modern motorcycle is just an appliance now,
Like a refridgerator.
This generation wouldn't anymore know
How to fix their bikes than
Fix their flat screen TV

Or expresso machine .

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